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Discover how Graphene is dramatically changing corrosion prevention in the coatings industry!

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In this 45-minute CPD learn about: what rust is, why it happens, and most importantly what we can do about it. It will cover current coating technologies and the dramatic step-change the addition of graphene (to a hybrid coating) is making. You will learn about this cutting edge technology, it's eco-credentials and the impact it is having on rust prevention and the metal roofing industry.

First isolated by two scientists at Manchester University in 2004, Graphene has long been hailed as the new wonder material. However, very few products have come to market yet. Behind the scenes though, in laboratories across the world, experiments and test have been going on furiously, so now some of its potential is now turning into reality.

One of the important areas that it has proven to have a huge beneficial effect is the treatment of corrosion. In a worlds first, as a result of years of work by Applied Graphene Materials and Alltimes Coatings, building owners are now able to benefit by improving how their steel roofs are treated for cut edge corrosion, whole roof preservation and, of course, gutter treatment and waterproofing.

This engaging CPD will bring you up to date with your options of how to deal with dilapidated metal commercial and industrial roofs and explains in detail how graphene works, and why it is such a game-changer in how we deal with corrosion on metal roofs.


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Rust Never Sleeps Course Curriculum:

Introduction to Corrosion

  • Introduction: What is the true cost of corrosion? (3:25)
  • What is rust? (3:48)
  • Quiz

The Challenges of Corrosion

  • Where do the challenges start in the fight against corrosion? (4:00)
  • Rust on your roof: What are the options? (3:59)
  • Quiz

Coating Technologies

  • What coating technologies are available? (2:40)
  • Silicones and Polyurethanes: Things to consider (3:46)
  • Acrylics, Alkyds, and Vinyls: Things to consider (2:54)
  • Quiz

Introduction to Graphene Hybrid Coatings

  • What is graphene? A brief history (4:33)
  • Graphene technology in hybrid coatings (5:05)
  • How does graphene enhance coatings? (3:22)
  • Quiz


  • Introducing the world's first graphene-enhanced roof coating: Advantage Graphene (1:31)

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